Wednesday, April 25, 2007

But it's a camel story

It is hard to ignore a headline that says "Camel at petting zoo, sits on, kills owner". I mean that sounds like a hell of a story. But my wife is still down on me for writing up stories from the weirder side of the news. Actually, she thinks I should stay away from the news all together. Her second complaint about what I write , after "news of the weird", is that I should not write about "popular news stories". So once we have eliminated weird stories and popular stories, all we have left is mundane, boring stories. I don't want to write about those. What are we talking about ? weather reports ? stock market quotes ? baseball scores ? That would not be much of a blog.What does she like ? She liked the story I wrote about her not liking my stories. She said that she was "mildly amused" by the story of Sheba, the dog who stays at our law office. But that's about it.

I can't write about her all the time. I'm bound to eventually say something that would upset her. I can't write any more Sheba the dog stories. The dog is just too dull. She is a sweet dog but her world revolves around walking from one office to another, silently pleading for a lawyer to pet her. My secretary thinks that Sheba hates women, but I don't have enough on that to write a blog.Maybe she will eventually bite someone and or do something of general public interest. But I doubt it.

There is always the chance that my wife is wrong. That my stories are uproarously funny and she just does not have that great of a sense of humor. I think that most people, given the choice, would rather read about this camel that smothered her owner than about something happening in my family. The only interesting thing that has happened in my family of late was when my daughter won $100 at an MTV concert last weekend. How many words can I get out of that ?She has not even spent the money on something stupid yet. But maybe she will and I can write about that. The camel will just have to wait for another day. Wonder what it's name is ?


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