Saturday, April 21, 2007

let's Limbo some more

Pope Benedict has announced via the internet (I gues he is a blogger too) that aborted and unbaptized babies "may" get to heaven. This is not quite the same as the uniform amnesty all those babies in limbo were hopeing for, but it is better than nothing. I am not quite sure why Benedict is so recalcitrant on this. The International Panel on which he is basing the semi-ruling has said on the subject that there "is hope, but not certainty" on the subject. Why is it any tougher to rule that all babies go to heaven than it is to rule that the Virgin Mary ascended bodily into heaven. Something a Pope ruled in the 19th century. There is no sense being infalliable if you don't go out on a limb sometimes. I mean, any one could have said that there was "hope". Why do we need a Pope to give us hope ? We need a Pope to make rulings. See the last few Popes have gotten us into a corner from a heaven/hell perspective. First Pope Paul VI rules it sinful to use birth control. That means that more babies will be born. But all the Pop[es agree that you can't abort them. If you did, you'd think that a Pope would want to give the fetus a break and send it on up to heaven. But no, that fetus was never baptized. Now the Pope is punishing the victim. Think about it this way, you are an aborted fetus. You had no chance to go to heaven. But, if you escaped the abortion doctor, grew up, and killed a few people for fun one night, then recanted, your soul can be saved. Does that seem fair to you ? So backed into this theological corner, Benedict the Decisive (as he is known in Limbo) says, "well, maybe..." Does that make any sense to you ?


Blogger Matthew said...

You still have an audience and have not fallen silently in the forest, Wade. Please don't give up!

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