Monday, April 02, 2007

Return of the Mini Bike

The papers say that 81,000 people witnessed Donald Trump's victory and over and subsequest scalping (if that is a P.C. term) of Vince McMahon. Since that was the most easily predicted victory since Hitler beat Poland, we will pass on to other things.

My personal paper of record, The New York Daily News reports that Bello the clown has had his mini bike returned to him. Intact. Now this is no ordinary mini bike, but Bello is no ordinary clown. He has been called, by Time Magazine (which has had more clowns on it's covers than any circus magazine ever could) America's greatest clown. He is a seventh generation circus performer. According to his difficult to use web site, which must have been put together by some clown, Bello Nock is a seventh generation circus performer. Reading between the lines, it looks like old Bello started out on the high wire but as the "clown of the family" moved into clowning. I understand Bello, the same thing happened to me on my way to Harvard. Different strokes as they say. But there is apparently no arguing with Bello's success in the clown biz. Indeed, when the present near tragedy happened, Bello, along with two other undescribed clowns, was doing some street performing(shilling for his big show the "Bellobration")over on 9th Ave at 47th streeet in midtown Manhattan. Bello had parked his custom made bike over to the side. I can't tell from the pictures whether the bike has a kick stand or not. Anyway, this bike was custom made in Mexico for Bello by a guy identified only as "Roberto" and is irreplacable. At least this side of the Rio Grande.

My first thought would have been to look for very tiny people as suspects, but that only shows why I am not a private detective. Turns out that this homeless fellow, 54 year old Ricky Robinson picked it up and carried it off. As Ricky said, "I normally collect things" so he collected it. Then later he saw a picture in the Daily News (Ricky is the Daily News prototype reader) and saw "two little wheels" and said to himself " I've got two little wheels". Here the story gets fuzzy, as most Daily News stories do. Somehow, Ricky met Bello and gave him back his bike after Ricky approached a Security Guard at Madison Square Garden. If any interesting questions were asked by the press,when clown was reunited with bike, they were not recorded. One that comes to mind is " Mr Rivers, as you were walking down 47th street and saw a tiny bike a few feet away from three performing clowns, did it ever cross your mind that it might be part of the act ?" But as far a Bello was concerned, it was a "no questions asked" kind of deal. Mr River's got $1,000 and tickets to the Bellobration, and for some unexplained reason, tickets to a Knicks game. Toys are us also gave him an 18 speed bike from which , I guess, he can scalp his Knick's tickets.Presumably, he retains his "collectors license" and we may hear from here in the future. He foolishly allowed his picture to be taken by the Daily News, with Bello, which may make it more difficult to continue "collecting".But maybe not, people have a short memory, and these are Daily News readers we are talking about.

So Bello is reunited with his bike. Ricky has got cash in his pocket, and the Daily News readers have yet another heartwarming story to share at their breakfast table, this one about the kidnapping and ultimate ransom of the world's smallest bike. All's well that ends well.


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