Thursday, April 05, 2007

um um um um ummmm !

The big news out of Chicago this morning, where it is still 29 degrees, is that a coyote walked into a Quiznos sub shop downtown on East Adams and settled on a case of Diet Pepsi in he refrigarated section.While the Senior Coyote correspondent for the Sun-Times (my personal midwest paper of record) Shamus Toomey (what a great name !) made the coyote stop seem like a big deal, Chicago animal control personel say that they have to haul off ten to fifteen coyotes every year from the City of the big shoulders. I frankly would have doubted that. That's about one coyote a month seized inside the loop. That's a lot of coyotes for a big city outside of New Mexico or Arizona where the roadrunner population keeps things hoping over at the Acme Company.

Having eaten at Quiznos, I can tell you that what is much more likely is that finding a coyote in the refrigiration section of the store explains why Quiznos can charge so little for those "beef" sandwiches.Adams is smack dab in the middle of downtown Chicago. The coyote would have had to walk miles of sidewalk and past tens of thousands of people before strolling into Quiznos at 2:00 p.m. No way the coyotye would not have been captured long before. Or at least we would have had reports of fleeing pedestrians. Did it take the train into town ? No, that coyote was headed for the Quiznos menu, pure and simple. I am reasonably sure that if Chicago is seeing 10-15 coyote's a year, that there are hundreds of Pecos Bill's relatives in the meat lockers at the various Quiznos around town, lying on Diet Pepsi cases, waiting to be sent to the land where the road runner is just one step slower, it's aim just a little off, and Acme is in bankruptcy. And seldom is heard the discouraging word of "beep-beep".


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