Friday, May 18, 2007

For Women Only

J.W. Marriott, a pretty darn profitable hotel chain, is creating "women only floors".These "women only floors" will have "women only lounges" on them, so women travelers can drink in peace. The rooms will cost $30 more a night for, in which, according to Marriott, the women will not only be more secure, but will get the "additional pampering that women like". I have been unable to find if the 'women only floors" will be served by "women only bell boys(girls), if room service will be brought up to the room by "women only", or if the hotel "engineers" who come and fix your a.c. and cable problems will be "women only". To guarantee that secure feeling that Marriott believes women crave, I suppose that all of the aformentioned jobs will have to be held by women. We can't have a man up their polluting the floor.

All of this is where I came in. Back in about 1962. Only in those days it was "men only" clubs, associations, businesses and professions. No one outside of a YMCA ever dreamed of a "men only" hotel room. The cost of such a room would be prohibitive, because the daily clean up would be 10X a normal family room, where women make sure things don't get out of hand. I doubt very seriously that any hotel chain will champion a "men only" floor, much less a men only lounge. The women only lounge is of dubious legality. It is illegal to refuse to serve anyone at a place of public accomodation (that engages in interstate commerce) based on sex. Perhpas Mariott will argue that they are not in violation of the law because they are providing "seperate but equal" accomodations to men in other areas of the hotel. Well, I may not be much of a lawyer, but I know where that argument takes you. What the Marriott will have to do, it seems to me, is turn their women's floor into a private club that only women can join, which they do for the extra $30 a day, payable at at check in.The private club can discriminate all it wants. If it wants to get picketed like the golf club at Augusta did.

What will inevitably happen is that women will get sick off the whole idea.At least they will if they are anything like men. Marriott would have to pay me $30 a night to stay on an all male floor.Nothing makes me cringe like the sight of suited up, freshly shaven men marching down a hall ,double time, at 8:00 a.m. to get to some bull shit meeting.I can't imagine putting up with a whole floor of that. The testostorine level would smell up the whole floor.I assume that women have similair things that irritate them about each other.

What Marriott ought to do, of course, is segreagate in other ways. The non-smoking floors and rooms was a good idea. I'd be for a floor where everyone pledges to be in bed by 10:30 with the T.V. off. I'd love a floor where we all agreed not to look around when we walked out our doors, so that our neighbors could pull the USA today paper off of the dooor handle in their under wear.A no kids floor ? Fine with me. A floor where the A.C. is always kept at 59 ? I'd pay $30 extra a night for that. College student only floors, traveling sports team only floors, non drinking floors,seminar guest floors (name tags only), all of these would be fine, and certainly legal. I'd even agree to seperate floors and lounges for vacationers and road warriors. That would be useful.An express elevator only floor ? That's worth $30 a day. Marriott's problem is that its vision is too pedestrian. It takes no creativity to divide up floors by sex, or for that matter, race, religion or sexual preference. It is just a creepy (and maybe illegal) thing to do.


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