Thursday, May 10, 2007

The right to travel

Documentary maker Michael Moore is being invstigated by the United States for illegal travel to Cuba. I am only a minor Moore fan. I liked his G.M. film, but I thought that his film about Bush was heavy handed and unfair. That's an even bigger sin because no stretching of the truth is needed to make George W. Bush look like one of the worst three Presidents in American history. It is too early to say for sure, but he could be the worst. It hurts the cause to have Moore treat such a dufus unfairly. Makes all the rest of us look bad.But I am upset about the administrations actions on this one.

Let me be clear, what Moore did, taking ten Americans to Cuba for medical treatment, without permission, is flat out against the law.Let me be also clear that travel to Cuba has been restricted to greater or lesser degrees, by Presidents of both parties, for almost fifty years. This is not a partisan issue.It is a freedom issue. I don't understand how anyone in this country can favor the government telling us where we can and can't go. That is none of their business. I understand that if you start making secret trips to Iran, that the government is within its rights to, and indeed I favor, increasing surveilance on you when you get back. But I don't think the government should keep you out. Look at Cuba.

We have had an economic boycott against that nation for over 45 years. It has not brought the Castro regime down. It has inconvenienced many innocents in both Cuba and the United States, myself being one, since I have not been able to go watch baseball over there.Is a free country ever well served, short of a war with battle situations, in locking its people in ? We spend a lot of time in this country screaming for a fence to lock perfectly nice people out. Why is there never a hue and cry about those of us locked in ? What is it that Moore can do in Cuba that will in any way effect us ? Even his films don't sway votes. No one who ever went to a Michael Moore movie had to be convinced by it to vote Democratic. He preaches to the choir. This country has constitutional rights for saying anything you want, but not going anywhere you want. Does it make sense that the constitution should give you a right to carry an assault rifle, but not take a boat trip of 90 miles from Florida ? The time has come to stop this nonsense. The govenrment hat is big enough to keep you out of Cuba today, is big enough to keep you out of Canada tomorrow.


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