Friday, June 01, 2007

Live Free and/or die

The state of New Hampshire once again refused to sucumb to "Federal Government bribes" yesterday when its Senate again voted down a bill which would have required adults in New Hampshire to wear seat belts. By a vote of 16-8 the state Senate spit in the face of the Department of Transportation's $3.7 million dollars in highway funds it would have been awarded if it had sold out the state heritage of independence. The Democrats in the Senate, on a 14-10 vote, did manage to force through a commission to study the issue. This is a typical Democratic move, turn down money from the Feds and vote to spend more money of your own on a commission which will show, gasp,that seat belts save lives. That's money well spent.

I enjoy New Hampshire. I like their license plate "Live Free or Die". when I drove into New Hampshire last summer, I unbuckled, in tribute to that hearty population which has made the name, "New Hampshire" synonomous, the world over, with the rights of man. As I grow older, my libratarianism, long dormant, begins to come out more and more. One of my partners received a ticket this week for not wearing a seat belt. To add insult to injury, the cop issuing the ticket also demanded to know his social security number. What for ? Was this ticket going to impinge on his ability to collect social security when he retires ? Are the Austin Police now performing Border Patrol duties and trying to catch illegals. The cop had no more need for my partner's social security number than a New Hampshire Ford purchaser has for seat belts. What kind of a nation have we become where every Tom, dick and Harry law Enforcement agent gets to know your Social Security number ? I'll tell you what kind. The kind (in 49 states ) that charges you $147.00 when they catch you not wearing a seat belt.

As if on command, Dr Jack Kevorkian, the greatest libratarian of them all is being released from jail today.Here's a guy who had the temerity to assist a man, who was suffering and dying from Lou Gehrig's disease, to off himself. If I'd been Dr Kavorkian, I would not have sent a tape of the death to ABC News, but let us judge not....This fellow, the so called "Dr Death", has spent eight years in prison because the state can not only make you wear seat belts, it can prevent you from ending your own life in the most dignified and least painful and traumatic way you can imagine.It can make you and your family suffer (and spend) as long as medical science can keep your heart beating.Well if I was Dr Kavorkian, I'd head right to New Hampshire after I got sprung and set up shop again.Suicide may be illegal there also, but I bet that is a law that goes unenforced.The citizens of the greatest state in the Union have more important things to do with their time than to tell you that you have to live when you don't want to.Well I say "hale to thee Dr. Kavorkian, and hale to thee, the Senate of New Hampshire. The government can withold our highway funds,demand our social security numbers, or put us in jail, but they can not break the spirit of those who want to live free and/or die.


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