Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vick Nack Paddy Wack

Everyone in America knows that if Michael Vick is found guilty of participating in big time dog fighting, he does not deserve the maximum sentence ,under Federal Guidelines, of six years in the pen. Everyone knows that if Michael Vick is found guilty of participating in big time dog fighting, his sentence ought to fit the crime. Federal Marshalls should tie strips of sirloin to his Falcon's jersey and turn him loose with 75 trained killer pit bulls on the field of the Georgia Dome, in front of 75,000 people and a national T.V. audience.Let's see his amazing athletic ability escape that sack.Even at that, he would be given a better chance than the eight dogs he is alleged to have personally participated in killing.Those dogs apparently suffered a variety of deaths which may have included "shooting, drowning,hanging and electrocution". Their crime ? Not displaying adequate fighting spirit.Maybe the Falcons would have played better last year if they faced similair punishments for not displaying adequate fighting spirit.

Now I don't want to come off as anti-dog fighting. I mean when dog fighting is outlawed, only outlaws will own viciously trained pit bulls capable of ripping a toddlers head off in under 15 seconds. What kind of an America would that be ? It would also put many dogs and their trainers out of work. I see where some of the purses for these dog fights were for "thousands" of dollars". That's more than a lot of human boxers get. Then again,the object of boxing is not to kill someone in the ring, so I guess the dogs do take the greater risk. They deserve the greater reward. What do you think those dogs go out and buy with all that money ? When was the last time you saw a pit bull at a nice restaraunt or being chauffered in a big limo ? Hmmm. Maybe the dogs are not getting to keep their money. Maybe it is going to people like Michael Vick. Don't get me wrong, Vick and his trainers deserve it, they work very hard turning God's creatures and man's best friend into cold blooded killers and, apparently, they often have to electrocute the ones who don't make it.All of that training for nothing.Big risk like that deserves a big reward.

There is an underground craziness in this country. Most of us live our whole lives without being aware of the cockfighting and dogfighting (and for all I know, bear baiting) going on around us. We remain blissfully ignorant until a nationally known celebrity turns out to be a sicko and exposes us to this side of human nature. Oh, we suspect things about people. We might even gossip about them. But we seldom see the seedy side of them. Once I was participating in a mock trial. This is a technique lawyers use before a trial to try out their arguments on live, but fake, jurors. (I know what you are thinking, that sounds like a worse torture than dogfighting, but believe me, no one gets electocuted, they are well paid for their pain, and unlike the dog, it is their choice to be there).

At any rate, after each witness examination, you pass out a survey to the participants, in this case 75 people, and ask them questions about what they saw.After doing this awhile, I noticed a pattern of several people answering questions in quite a bizzare fashion. When I asked the psychologist running the program about it, he told me that you always see that. It was his opinion that about 7% of the American population is bat shit crazy (my phrase, not his) and that that group thinks that the whole country is run by one big conspiracy that they are not apart of. 7% seems high to me, but it is his field, not mine. If true, that 7% explains most of the nutty things that go on in this country.That's 21 million people capable of just about anything. Now we have got only three million people in prisons, and far less than that in mental institutions, and most of the people in those two types of facilities would not create the nutty answers I saw in those surveys.The vast majority of them would probably not train pit bulls to kill other pit bulls for money. So my guess is that most of that 21 million are out there, running around, doing God knows what.These are people at your job, at your church and down the street from you. Some of them may even play Quarteback.


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