Thursday, August 09, 2007

Global warming brings new Cold War

I had intended to blog today about that German woman who had a pencil, which have been stuck in her brain for 44 years surgically removed. She says that her headaches have stopped.While this is normally my kind of news story, the impending world war over ownership of the the North Pole seems to be a more relevant subject.

I paid only slight attention last week to the story that a Russian sub had dived down two and a half miles under the Polar icecap in order to drop a small titaniuam capsule with a Russian flag in it. I did notice that some Russian scientist said that this was just as difficult and just as important as landing a man on the moon. Right. Those Russians never forget an insult. It still gripes then that 38 years later their cosmonaunts have never left earth orbit. Believe me, if John F. Kennedy had told this nation that we would send a titanium capsule to the bottom of the Artic Ocean in the 1960s, we'd have done it, develped it, polluted it and been in the process of renewing it right now.This was no great Russian achievement. I assume that Titanium sinks. How hard would it be to drop it into the ocean and wait for it to hit the bottom ?

But JFK did not know about global waming. Even though Al Gore's father and he served in the Senate together, Kennedy was always too busy chasing women to listen to young Gore.If he had, he would have known that the Polar Ice Caps were going to melt and that it was going to be much, much easier to drill for oil up north. 25% of the undiscovered petroleum resources are in the Artic ocean. There there is a statistic for the gullible. We don't know how much undiscovered oil there is, because it is undiscoverd. But we do know that 25% of it is in the Arctic Ocean.And the Russkies want it.

But here's the rub, so do the Canadians, the Norwegians, the Danes and, surprise, surprise, the good old USA. Canada is so bent out of shape about this thing that they are sending Stephen Harper, their Prime Minister, on a three day trip up there to assert Canadian soverignty. Now this is the same Canadian governement who did not know for a year and a half that an ice shelf that they really did own, and was the size of central Texas, had broken away and was floating around freely for anyone, Russian or otherwise, to stake a claim to . I wrote about this , as well as the Canadian "Department of Ice", earlier this year, in hopes of chiding the Canadians into some type of action.Looks like my prodding worked.But they may have over reacted. Now they are building a deep water port and six to eight new patrol boats to guard the Northwest Passage and checkmate the Russians. But that ticks the US off. We say that the Noethwest passage is nuetral and the Canadians have no right to guard it.

Stepping up their aggression, Canada is also saber rattling over Hans island. This "Island" which is one seventh the size of Central Park is between Canadian soil , Ellsemere Island,and Denmark soverignty (Greenland). In 1984 Denmark chartered a helicopter and flew over there to plant the Denmark flag and, for some reason, bury a bottle of brandy, leaving a note, "welcome to Denmark territry". Two years ago, the Canadian defense Minister invaded the Island and raised a Canadian flag. This led to a nasty exchange with, and you can't make this stuff up, Canada and Denmark taking out competing Google ads in order to bolster their claims.Many Canadians actually called for a boycott of Danish Pastries. Denmark may have followed suite by raising the import duties on Canadian Bacon, but if they did, it went unreported.

I have given my general opinion of both the Canadians and the Danes in these pages before.Suffice to say that deprivation of sunlight makes both peoples a little testy and if you throw in the Russians with their propensity for drinking vodka and losing fissionable material, you have got a real problem on your hands.At the very least, we need to get this situation under control, at least until January,2009, before W hears about it from Cheney and declares that there are weapons of mass destruction being held by Santa's elves up at the North Pole and sends an expeditionary force to take control.I knew that this global warning scare would lead to violence. I just never believed that it would be this soon.


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