Monday, August 20, 2007

Misha, Masha dine in style

Workers in the Belgrade (Serbia) Zoo found the body of a "half eaten 23 year old male" in their bear cage today. The two bears, Misha and Masha, had dragged the remains to their "feeding area" and reacted violently when the zookeepers tried to remove the remains of all that was mortal of the deceased. The man was nude and his clothes were neatly stacked in a another corner of the Misha /Masha household.The man was not identified in the story I read, but was thought to be attending the annual Belgrade Beer Festival at the time he appeared on the bear's menu as the chef's special entree'for the evening .

I have always liked bears. I think that we are going to find that Misha and Masha did not sneek out of their cage in the dead of night and rustle up a little dinner for themselves. Rather, I believe that the Belgrade police will determine that the poor fellow either entered the cage on his own, or was placed there by less than well meaning acquaintances. The authorities are already speculating in this direction. Misha and Masha simply did what comes naturally to a pair of bears finding themselves presented with a large, nude, human being. They ate him. Or half of him anyway.There is some speculation that the fellow was sitting on a wall and fell into the roofless bear pit. If so, this says something about Serbian design and/or safety standards, but I suppose that if you live in a country with as many undetonated land minds as Serbia has, you don't pay a lot of attention to your chances of being eaten by a bear.

There is also some speculation that the deceased was drunk, since this took place on the last day of the Belgrade Beer Festival. If so, that might explain what he was doing there, but would not really not do much to shed light on why his clothes were neatly folded in a corner of the cage.The odds of the bears folding the clothes, or even taking them off of him, leaving them undisturbed, are quite remote. I imagine that the Belgrade Chief of Detectives will be quite busy for awhile.

As to the fate of Misha and Masha, there have been no reports. I can not believe that they will be held accountable by what appears to have been an accident, a suicide, a cunning murder plot, or just a rather serious inter-species misunderstanding. I would hope that Misha and Masha will be around to entertain us, or at least the Serbians, for years to come.


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