Monday, October 29, 2007

Cow Killer sold for chump change

The only know meteroite known to have actually killed an animal was auctioned off over the weekend for $1554.oo dollars. Back on October 15, 1972, on the El Tinajero farm in Venezuela, a flash of light heralded the crashing on a meteroite which split a cow in half, killing it instantly. Cor all the fear of the earth being struck by a killer meteor, this is the only documented evidence of any animal actually losing its life from a meteor. Although a parked car was hit in New Jersey in 1992, no one was hurt.

The unnamed cow, honored nowhere in all of Venzuela, was owned by a Dr. Arginero Gonzalez, who, upon dixcovery, immediatly had an affidavit made, stating that the death of his cow was caused by the meteor, known as "Valera". While those who witnessed the meteor's entry did not actually see the cow split in two, res ipsa loqitor applies. When you see a meteorite with half a cow on one side and half a cow on the other, you have pretty good evidence as to what happened.Dr Gonzalez did not move the meteorite for some time and pieces of it began to sell off a little later.

Why the only know killer meteorite in history would fetch so little money at an auction is a strange story. You would think that P.E.T.A. would have bid a couple of thousand to use in lobbying Congress for a mereorite shield to save the remaining cows. But no, the opportunity passed them by.One reason may be the rather grizzly history of the object. It seems that after the untimely death of the cow, Dr. Gonzalez made the decision to go ahead and eat it. So the meteror itself is not only an insturment of death, it is a slaughter house hammer to boot.


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