Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Day

The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas was ordered to pay $10.9 million to the parents of an American Marine who died in the middle east. The picketers were telling American that their sons and duaghters would continue to die as long as we tolerate homosexuality. This story falls under the category of the unbearably repulsive. You ask yourself, are there really people who would picket a funeral ? of a dead soldier ? because they hate homosexuality ? I googled the church and pulled up the web site (believe me, no one could make this up) The site had a long biblical diatribe against sodomites. It also had such interesting links to memorials, as one proclaiming that Matthew Shepard has been in hell for 3077 days.The memorial has a picture of the late Mr Shepard surrounded by flames. How can there be such hate in the world ? The pastor is a yahoo named Fred Phelps who dropped out of West Point in the 50s after a "religious experience" and finished his education (?) at Bob Jones University. I have not read enough of the web site (I keep throwing up) to know what set Pastor Fred off against homosexuals.

I don't know much about God, but I know this, God allowed a homosexual to create one of the greatest of all Christian religious monuments, the Sistine Chapel. That is good enough evidence for me as to what God thinks of homosexuals. I am fairly certain that Pastor Bob Phelps is not going to be remembered as longs as Michaelangelo.

This is a real test for me. The Jesus I have read about tells us to love our enemies. Believe me, if a Christian can love Pastor Bob, he/she is going way beyond what Jesus had in mind when he said that. But, for Christ's sake, I'll give it a try. I am going to love Pastor Bob. I am going to try to turn him around on this issue by e-mailing him daily. If I get any replies I'll print them. As I tend to be a bit sarcastic, he might not take me too seriously.But I am going to try.


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