Monday, November 26, 2007

Crucifixion of a Bear

The longer I am around religion the more I begin to understand, and even apreciate those dunderheaded atheists. Here in my home town, a baptist church would not allow an ecumenical Thanksgiving service to go on on property they own because followers of Islam would have been among those worshiping. This is an embarrasment to Southern Baptists as well as Austin,Texas. The service was moved to another location, a synagouge, where it is assumed that the tennant religion there gets along better with Mohammadens than Baptists do.

Having thoroughly embarrased Christianity, the Islamic governemnt of the Sudan then proceeded to arrest a 54 year old teacher in an English school over there, because her class of seven year olds had named the class mascot, a teddy bear, Mohammed. The teacher, who no one is hearing from, is potentially liable for 40 lashes under Sharia law.

Why the teacher , and not the children, who were responsible for the blasphemey , was arrested is not detailed in the reports I have read. From what I know about the government in the Sudan, they are fully capable of tying those kids to a stake and dispensing forty of the best to each of them. I mean, the law is the law. Calling a Teddy Bear Mohammed is a crime up with which no one should have to put. I know that more than 50% of Islamic male children have Mohammed as one of their names, but we are not dealing with a child here, we are dealing with a child's toy.

I think that the Austin Hyde Park Baptist church can learn from this. They should have allowed the ecumenical service to start and then rounded up the Islamics and dispensed forty lashes. That would show them that we mean business.They can't come into our churches and worship their God, even though it is the same as our God, we just can't have that ! Jesus, himself, in the Sermon on the Mount said, "blessed are those who whip members of other religions for praying in our some day to be formed Baptist churches. " I can't find anything he said about teddy bears, since they had not been invented yet, but you can be sure that he would have been pro teddy bear, no matter what the name, had he lived long enough.

It is well that all of this took place as we are entering the holy season of Christmas. I certainly would not want any "peace on earth nonsense" to get in anyone's way this time of year.


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