Wednesday, December 26, 2007

100 million people can't be wrong

It is reported that there are 100 million bloggers world wide. On a planet of six million, that is not a whole ot. But it is a decent percentage of the six billion people on the earth. And it is real big bunch of those with computers.As I've stated before, if there are 100 million bloggers, then there is a world wide audience for those bloggers of about 110 million. Most people's blogs are unread, or read only by individuals with the same last name.You could count up all the words in this blog (before this sentence) and the number you reach would be a multiple of every person who has ever read "Mills of the Gods". I may have reached more than ten people in the first 240 of so blogs, but if I have, you can count the remainder on one hand.

So why are 100 million people blogging to no one, or,to just about no one ? Who knows ? Why do people have shows on Public Access Cable T.V. ? Primarily, I suspect, for their own amusement. I have reread and laughed out loud at my blog on a number of occassions. I am pretty sure that in another 100 years or so, someone will come across this blog and pronounce me an undiscovered comic genius. Then they will put out a blog of my 100 greatest blogs, and no one will read that either. All bloggers think that they are an acquired taste, that if people will read them over time, they will begin to see that which the blogger himself sees in his own work.

But blogs don't work that way, for the reason that bloggers don't work that way. Few bloggers are clever, fewer are smart.None, I mean none, reach the literary level of a writer of trash fiction. Some can be about as funny as newspaper columnists, but that only bespeaks the fact that newspaper columnists are never funny anymore. Really, the only funny thingI have ever read in a blog was a headline "Tyson to fight Kangaroo", in a story about a series of boxing exhibitions Mike Tyson was planning. That was as funny as something in "The Onion" which is today, the best of American humor.

My law partner once asked me if I had ever talked to a mental health therapist, (I had). He told me that he had once done so and thought that it was wonderful. To be able to pay someone who has to listen to you. "Highly indulgent" was the way he termed it. I think that that's what blogs are. They are exercises in mental health therpay which have the built in advantage of not costing $175 an hour. If anyone actually read the damn things, you'd be very circumspect about what you write. But since no one reads them, you can act like you are in a daily therapy session that lasts anywhere from nine to twenty minutes. There has never been a time when I finished my blog that I did not feel better than when I started it. That's as good a reason as any to write.


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