Monday, December 31, 2007

As the world turns

Last night,at 11:10 as I lay in my bed, only slightly inebriated, I completed my 55th complete revolution around the sun. To be fair, the rest of the earth came along with me, but for me, it was number 55. Tonight at midnight, the so called "common era" will finish revoulution 2,007 and begin on 2,008. In other words, it had already managed 1,952 revolutions without me. I think that the world will probably keep rotating around the sun long after I'm gone. Probably long after any of us are gone, and quite possiby, long after everything is gone. At some point, of course, the sun will "blow up" and take care of the issue for us. Scientists have some type of rough estimate as to when this will happen. Whenever it happens, it will make a lot of this blog keeping seem somewhat superfolous.

The last day of the year is the traditional time for accounting. How have you done this year (which in America means how much money did you make) ? I have never liked all of this accounting. I like to look at life as a journey and think that any snap shot of your life along the way is useless. It's where you end up that counts. A cynic would say that even that does not matter, we all end up dead. But I really believe that life is more than that. It is the journey that counts. When you are on a car trip to California, it is a pain in the ass to be in Yuma. But we all have to pass through Yuma to get to San Diego. Wherever we are going, we all have to travel the same road. Some nights you get to sleep at the Four Seasons, some nights you are lucky to get a roof over your head. Some nights the food is great, some nights there is no food at all. Sometimes you get to travel with friends, sometimes with people you don't like, and sometimes it seems like you are alone. But I am persuaded (as King James said that St Paul wrote to the Romans, and as Rogers and Hammerstein said in Carrousel) that you don't ake this trip alone. Not one step. all you have to do is open your eyes and you see your companions on the road. This next year, I'm going to open my eyes. Happy New Year.


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