Thursday, December 06, 2007

Darwin and the nature of Fraud

Sure enough, old John Darwin told police that he had been suffering from amnesia for the past five years. Maybe his scam would have worked if pictures showing he and his former widow in Panama last year had not been uncovered. Mrs Darwin broke down and admitted that she and her formerly deceased husband had taken several vacations together over the past few years (weekends with Bernie !)The sons of the Darwins (31 & 29) released a statement saying that they had been the victims of a huge scam if what their "mam" told English media is true.

I am disappointed in Mr Darwin. I assume that this whole thing, including the recent admissions by his former widow ,was set up for book and movie deals. I had hoped for better from him. Maybe working as a merchant sailor for five years with an assumed name and no past. Perhaps falling in love and then suddenly finding out that he was married to another. I also expected that he would have been smart enough to set up his wife in a country with no extradition treaty with Great Britain. But then even great masterminds like Darwin can't think of everything.

It appears that this story is over before it really got started. 100 years ago, probably even 50 years ago,the Darwins would have pulled this off. The world is just too small a place now.Too many people have cameras on their cell phones and imediate access to the internet. The days of the great fugitives are just about over. More's the pity.


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