Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Highway of Holiness

My Pastor preached on Isaiah 35 last Sunday. That's a good chapter. In it, the prophet talks about the creation of a highway of holiness. This highway,according to Isaiah (who got it straight from God) was going to be so well marked that even a "fool" could find it. At least in the Revised Standard text a fool could find it. I found another translation that said that anyone but a fool could find it. I like the first translation a lot better and believe it to be much more in the tradition of what at least ( a fool such as)I perceive to be the Judeo-Christian belief system.

Whatever. I now see by the news that a signifigant body of Christians (the exact number is not spelled out) believe that US Interstate 35 is that highway prophesised by Isaiah. This is an astounding stroke of luck for yours truly. I can see I-35 from the window of my office. I can see the traffic snarls and the rush hour congestion, as well as the occsional fender bender that would be the hallmark of any highway of holiness.

A Texas minister named Cindy Jacobs is the one who received the revelation that I-35 is the holiness highwy. She has spent the last couple of weeks going up and down the road praying for different things, among them that Adult oriented businesses should be removed from the highway. This brings up a sensitive point. How did a highway of holiness end up with a strip club on it anyway ? For that matter, how did a highway of holiness end up as one of the most important drug trafficing roads in America. ?If anyone has asked these questions of Rev. Jacobs, it has gone unreported. To be fair, even she is not 100% sure herself that I-35 is the predicted highway (she ought to think about the fact that it is not located in the middle east which is probably where Isaiah thought it would end up). Here in Texas, we have a Governor who would gladly have built the highway of holiness for her, or Isaiah, as long as it could be a toll road.

Isaiah mentions some pretty specific country in his description of the highway. I will admit that it sounds an awful like the land between Kingsville and Laredo, so I don't want to totally dismiss the possibility that I have spent years of my life on a sacred road. Perhaps I'm the very fool who Isaiah says could find, and stay on this road. I have been virtually run off the road on half a dozen occasions since the North American Fair Trade Agreement turned I-35 into a version of the Indy 500 for sixteen wheelers. But that is neither here nor there.Any highway of holiness is going to carry freight as well as souls. It just stands to reason. Whether any highway of holiness would have 100 Cracker Barrells on it, spread out over 1,000 miles is quite another question.

In the final analysis, it simply does not matter. What we have here is a good number of Christians roaming up and down I-35 praying for it. That can not help but make it a better place to travel. Even if it turns out not to be Isaiahs road, maybe we can get it cleaned up some and start some beautification projects.We can start be getting rid of the Cracker Barrells. In fact, I once had a revelation myself that Cracker Barrels were really Sodom and Gomorrah.


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