Saturday, December 01, 2007

In the Pink

When 80 year old King Bumibol Adulyadej of Thailand checked out of the hospital the other day, he was wearing a pink blazer. This sent the entire country of Thailand (nee Siam) into a frenzy of shopping, as everyone in the country had to buy a pink shirt to honor the King. This, on top of the fact, that every one of any consequence in Thailand wears a yellow shirt every Monday to honor the King. Yellow, you see is Monday's color in Thailand. Over here it is blue. I didn't know what the other colors are in Thailand, just like I don't know the colors of the days over here. Except that we seem to have a lot of "black" Fridays, usually coinciding with stock market crashes.

Turns out Tuesday is the pink day in Thailand. So my guess is that people wil be sporting pink shirts every Tuesday now. If you have any interest, Wednesday is green, Thursday is orange, Friday is blue, Saturday is purple or black (which makes sense because on the other side of the International Dateline it is Friday and we know that means "black Friday". Sunday is red. The day you were born designates your lucky color.The King was born on Monday. For many years I thought that I was born on a Wednesday ("Wednesday's child is full of woe") but according to a consultation I just had, I was born on Tuesday ("in the pink") which makes me either "full of grace" or "fair of face", I can't recall which. Anything is better than the child who is full of woe, except possibly the one who "has to work for a living". That one never made any sense to me. Just about everyone has to work for a living.

But back to fashion. I recall that when JFK was elected, everyone stopped wearing hats and the haberdashers of the United States all went broke at about the same time. Kennedy had nice hair and it gave him a youthful appearance not to cover it up. At the time this happened, news types wrote about the fact that men had stopped wearing undershirts after Clark Gable appeared without one in the movie "It Happened One Night". Idon't know that this had much of an effect on the undershirt industry as, within a few years, men started wearing white cotton shirts as regular shirts and not just undershirts.

The biggest fashion trend in my lifetime had been that which saw men grow long hair in the wake of the Beatles. A similair happen stance may or may not have been the growth of beards after Lincoln's inaguration. I have not studied it. I do know that Presidents did not have facial hair before Lincoln, and after his death all but two of the next ten did.A trend finally stopped by that old prig Woodrow Wilson.Since then, no one with facial hair has gotten him or herself we can assume that Hillary will keep waxing under that lip.

As all will recognize, the current fashion trend among both men and women is the piercing of the body and the tatooing of the skin. I think I read that up to about thirty 30% of women in their twenties now have tatoos, and the trend is not subsiding. My father was an outspoken critic of tatoos, although you saw very few when I was young. He felt that no sober man ever got a tatoo and would tell stories of his service experiences involving the dangerous mixing of alcohol and tatoo ink which left many a soldier or sailor disfigured for life. His favorite denigrating expression "riff-raff" was often used in conjunction with these stories.The current tatoo trend will stop after this generation of youth. That is because the next generation of youth will grow up looking at the tatoo on the small of their mom's backs fading and shriviling over time until they looks to be so many oversized, mixed colored, wrinkled ,skin carcinomas protruding from the back of their unfortuantly lowridding pants. By the way, I aslo predict high waisted pants to be a fashion trend among women in 15-20 years. Yellow on Monday, pink on Tuesday and so on.


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