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That's what the people want, say the network and cable talking heads. No reminders of the past, out with the old and in with the new. Like Huckabee and Obama, decisive victors in last night's Iowa Caucasians. And I think that the talking heads may be right. It may be that all that stands between America and an Obama Presidency is five more days and the Granite State of New Hampshire. If Hillary has the goods on him, she better get it out now or this thing could be unstoppable. And that's not so bad.He is a breath of fresh air. Who would you rather go on a road trip with, Clinton or Obama ? It's not even close. Hillary would make you stop and read every historic marker and insist on dropping by to visit old political friends. With Obama, it would be pedal to the metal, drive- through burgers and beer, and a lot of laughs and good discussion. And unlike our last President who would have been fun to take on a road trip, I don't think that he has a lecherous bone in his body. Like most of us, he is scared to death of his wife.

Now Huckabee is different. I mentioned my affection for him yesterday, but I also know that he can't be nominated. The fact that 37% of the I oh way farmers happened to be evangelicals is not going to help him in every state. But what he may have is staying power. If he does not get blown out in New Hampshire, he may cause real problems to Rudy G. among the Bubbas in Florida. Not everyone in Florida is a transplanted New Yorker, beholden to Rudy G. for wiping the Squegee people off the map in Manhattan. Some of them are bible thumping, snuff dipping, NASCAR watching ,sweet tea drinking,snake handling "born agin's". Remember, it was Florida that brought us Anita Bryant. Once the yahoos of Florida hear that Huckabbe is twice born, they will forget some of his more liberal tendencies. My buddy Bennett likens him to Jimmy Carter, and that's a pretty good comparison. Remember how the Evangelical's fell all over Jimmy until they found out that he was a closet liberal ?Bennett believes that the country may have acquired some type of a "Carter curse", akin to the Chicago Cub "curse of the billy goat" where we are saddled with a grinning "dull normal" non-entity as President every 30 years. I don't think so.One Carter was enough for a lifetime.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Huckabee won't be able to handle the stress and will revert to form, making yet another comment about the fact that a certain former Governor of Massachusetts plans on replacing the statue of Miss Liberty in New York harbor with one of the angel Maroni. It's a lot different drumming up votes among Iowa farmers than among those skin flints in up north, weened on the Manchester Guardian. I'd say New Hampshire will be a duel to the death between Romney and the Arizona P.O.W., with Huckabbe a fairly poor fourth. It still looks to me like the way to bet is Mitt or Rudy G. and that's just fine with me. The Republican Party is facing a contest that no political party has faced since the Demos made the 1920 election a referendum on the League of Nations. They have no way to win. Their contenders and moribund and their party is intellectually bankrupt. Either Hillary or Obama could put them out of their misery, and today, even if only for today, it sure feels like it is going to be Obama. Think Bill would make Hillary take the second spot ?


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I've grown weary of the constant chant of "change" from these presidential candidates. No one ever seems to run on a promise of stability anymore. I remember in the old British film, "This Happy Breed," the WWI vets in the picture voted to re-elect "Stanley for Stability" Baldwin as PM because he was "steady as a clock." Ike was probably the last "steady as a clock" president we've had. Maybe that's why I miss him so much.

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