Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Down to the Wire

The polls close here in two hours. I assume that if Senator Obama takes Texas, there will be no stopping him from being the Democratic nominee. If he loses Texas and Ohio, the game will still go on, but it will take a lot for Hillary to overcome his lead at this point.


I find myself feeling somewhat guilty for voting against Hillary. I have always liked her and do believe that she is the best qualified to be President. But, as I said before, I think that a Hillary nomination will bring back all of the old nasty fights from the last twenty years. It is about time for some new nasty fights.


The Obama phenomena has been interesting. I was sitting in  my office working last Sunday afternoon when I heard the beating of drums and chanting. I looked out my window and about 50 Obama supporters were marching down Congress Avenue ,with no spectators in sight. I think that they just felt like marching. It reminded me of the old Protestant marchers in Northern Ireland who used to put on their Orange and get out their drums once a year (the marching season) just to celebrate a 300 year old victory. Here, at least, the marchers did not head over to the Catholic quarter and burn houses down.


I suspect that when all is said and done, Senator Obama will be the next President of the United Sates. Many will see it as a transformational, if not transfigurational election. I know that many people under 25, especially ,will see It that way. There are such things as transformation elections in America. The elections of 1800,1860,1932 and 1980 certainly qualify. Whether this is to be another will not be known for a number of years. The real problem with transformational elections is that at least 40% of the population does not like what the country gets transformed into. That will be true in this case to, if we should transform. But at the very least transformations are interesting. They give hope to dreamers, poets and bloggers, in that order.


So who will win in Texas  ? Zogsby says that as of last night, Clinton had a 3% lead. We know that in the last primaries, those who made up their mind in the last twenty four hours (procrastinators and morons) usually broke toward Clinton. But, there has been an amazing pre-election vote (which favors Obama), and the turnout in Houston this morning was said to be amazing. I am going to go against conventional wisdom and say Obama by 2%. Tune in tomorrow for possible crow eating.


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