Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friday Night Special

No sooner than the Governor of New York is out of the headlines than the former Governor of New Jersey is back in them. I told someone the other day that Governor Spitzer’s scandal was making everyone forget Governor McGreevey’s scandal last year revolving around the New Jersey Governors gay lifestyle. As if to say  “we can’t let that happen” (especially because he is in the middle of writing a book on his scandal) McGreevey confirmed a report yesterday, made by a “former aid and driver” that he and Mrs. McGreevey (currently divorcing her husband) regularly engaged in three way trysts (newspaper term)with the driver,  which the driver  called “hard core consensual sex orgies” and which the three of them referred to as “Saturday Night Specials” back during their  hard core consensual days. Mrs. McGreevey, who understandably needs to be a victim of all of this to get the most out of the divorce, denies all. Governor McGreevey said that he had deleted the references to the Saturday Night specials from his forthcoming book, but if he expects to get good sales, I’d advise that he not only put the “references” back in, but make a full chapter out of them. And if Ms. McGreevey wants to maximize the pot of money in the estate that she is aiming at, she should encourage him to do so. The damage is already done. They have already humiliated their daughter, they may as well get some cash out of it.


How many more books did Bill and Hillary Clinton sell because of the Lewinsky scandal ? That’s the only part that most people read from those snoozers. Bill’s book especially  read like it had been dictated in about a week and sent to press with almost no editing. If these politicos want to make any real money, they need a good sex scandal as a way to sell the book. I assume that in the future, now that the Presidency is just one big advertisement for future speeches to be made at $200,000 a pop , everyone will have at least one sex scandal, maybe two. You have to give the people what they want.


All of this may work in favor of one Senator John McCain. Maybe people will be so revolted at all of this that they will want to vote for someone they know is a straight arrow. It all depends on how things play out when McCain finally has to admit that he’s married to a Venutian. We have never had an extra-terrestrial in the White House before (that we know of). Then again, it was only a couple of weeks ago that the New York Times said that McCain seemed to be having an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist. The Times was shut down pretty fast on that one, I don’t expect it to return as an issue, but who knows. The lobbyist may well have been part of an interplanetary three way with the Senator and the Venutian. That would make an interesting book, assuming that sex on Venus is significantly different than it is here on terra firma. If a book hits the streets before the election detailing all of this, it might cost McCain some votes. Then again, we all could now be so inoculated against all of this that it would not matter. Nothing, I mean nothing could surprise me anymore.


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