Wednesday, March 19, 2008

News gone wild

After the new Governor of New York, David A. Paterson was sworn in on (appropriately) St. Patrick’s day, he and his wife held a joint news conference to announce that, when they were having marriage difficulties, they had both had extra martial affairs. The governor was even kind enough to point out that he had had his affair at a Days Inn in New York, four subway stops from his home. I must say that this is quite a fall from the last Governor who had the panache to have his trysts at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. Then again, Spitzer had to pay his partner and apparently Paterson’s affair tended more toward the mere tawdry than the illegal.


Speaking of Spitzer, his now  famous companion Ashley Alexandra Dupree was offered a million dollars yesterday by the Girls Gone Wild production company, only to see the offer withdrawn when a check of the Girls Gone Wild archives showed that they already had video of Ms Dupree “going wild” when she was 18. Her parents must be so proud. This bent toward  the sexual by our media may go on for awhile, especially if it becomes important for each office holder and candidate to tell the press about his/her sexual affairs and when and where they took place.


Paterson, the first African American and the first legally blind person to be Governor of New York, was probably right to get the information out right away. My personal paper of record, The New York Daily News had probably already sniffed out the story and would have pounced with it on the first slow news day they had. It was also a good idea to get his wife to own up to her indiscretions so that we were spared another one of those press conferences with the wronged wife staring blankly into space while the office holder talks about how he feels that he has not met his own pristine expectations of himself. This has become an increasingly popular scene on television. So much so that it may soon lose its newsworthiness and we can begin once again covering really important things, like what a candidate’s pastor once said in a sermon, “or why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.”


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