Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Serving of Crow

As is most often the case, the conventional wisdom won out over my wisdom last night. Hillary took the election by just about what the Zogsby poll said she would. All the talk about polling not taking into account the youth vote for Obama (because they don’t have land lines to call) turned out to be so much hooey. I was also guilty of getting caught up in the hype for Obama here in Travis county, where we did vote for him about two to one.


I suspect that in the long run, none of this will matter. I believe that Obama will go to the convention with the lead and only strong arm tactics by the Clintons will take that lead away. A wild card, of course, is the rumors of  Michigan and Florida holding primaries in June which would actually count. A lot can happen between now and June and Hillary could win both of those races. So, as of now, there is no sure fire nominee. One thing  is sure fire though. If Obama has the nomination taken from him by arm twisting (not stolen, just by hard ball politics) there is a very good chance that Senator McCain could win. That is the only way he can win, running against Hillary with a split Democratic party, but it is at least a way. Before last night, I did not think that he had even that going for him.


As an aside here, I grow more and more sure that McCain’s wife is a Venutian. I have seen enough movies to know that eyes like that only come attached to aliens, and by aliens, I don’t mean Canadians or Mexicans, I mean someone who is a true extra- terrestrial. If it turns out that Ms McCain really is from Venus, that could have a significant effect on the election. For all I know, she is using those piercing eyes to make us vote against our will. It worked in the Republican primaries, maybe it can work in the general election.


At any rate, I would hate to see the Democrats throw this election away, especially on a Clinton, even one I like. Hubert Humphrey would have beaten Richard Nixon if the youth of 1968 (those ironically now supporting Hillary) had not sat on their hands and allowed Richard Nixon to be elected. But when you are young, that first defeat means a lot, it is very bitter. I know I felt it, I never could stomach Humphrey after he beat Gene McCarthy. One of the most famous political poems of all time is Vachel Lindsey’s “Bryan”. The climax of the poem is election night.



Election night at midnight:

Boy Bryan’s defeat.

Defeat of western silver.

Defeat of the wheat.

Victory of the letterfiles

And plutocrats in miles

With dollarsigns upon their coats,

Diamond watchchains on their vests

And spats upon their feet.

Victory of custodians,

Plymouth Rock,

And all that inbred landlord stock.

Victory of the neat.

Defeat of the aspen groves of the Colorado Valleys,

The blue bells of the Rockies,

And the bluebonnets of old Texas,

By the Pittsburgh alleys.

Defeat of the alfalfa and the Mariposa lily.

Defeat of the young by the old and the silly.

Defeat of tornados by the poison vats supreme.

Defeat of my boyhood, defeat of my dream.



Obama is running his campaign on the theme of hope.I think that it would be a national tragedy if the energy that he has let loose among the young in this campaign is crushed by the politics of yesterday.”Defeat of the young, by the old and the silly.” But while I may be setting myself up for another helping of crow, I still believe that this story is going to have a happy ending for those kids, and for all of us.


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