Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time and Space Continuum

I left for Arizona at 7:05 the other morning and with my two and a half hour flight, got there at 8:30. That was 9:30 body (and office) time. Then everyone except Arizona and Indiana “sprang forward” and so while my time stayed the same, my home time  lost an hour. This put me two hours behind my office and, worse, meant that I would lose two hours on my flight home last night which began at 7:25 and ended at 11:30 p.m. This got me home after midnight, but only 10:00 p.m. body time, so I could not sleep, but still had to get up at the new (for me) daylight savings time.  I just found myself dozing at my desk, in a minor episode of Jet Lag. The other reason I was dozing is that I may be too relaxed. I don’t spend a lot of time out of doors, but over the last five days have averaged about 6-7 hours a day in direct, and very bright sunshine. My winter seasonal affective disorder has been lifted and I probably have  enough of whichever that sun vitamin is ( B ?  D ?) to last until the fall. At which point daylight savings time will end, the winter solstice will sneak up on me, and winter depression will return (unless I wise up and move south of the equator).Students of history know that no major (world) war ever started in the southern hemisphere. The advent of air conditioning made such an event slightly more possible, but only slightly. The sun saps your ability to get worked up enough about anything to fight. Day after day of sunlight takes away your depression, although it can lull you into a “lotus eater” lifestyle in which you are hard pressed to accomplish anything of value, such as stirring yourself to go buy a margarita, or remembering to make a dinner reservation.


If world leaders really wanted peace, they’d do two things. First, they’d stop worrying about global warming, and perhaps even hasten it  along. Second, they would institute day light savings time about once a month, throwing people into that fuzzy headed experience that leads a perfectly fine lawyer to nod off at his desk. If more world leaders slept at their desks, the world would be a lot safer place. You know how much thought I gave to politics while I was in Arizona, sitting in the sun ? None. If the Governor of New York had not spent $80,000 on prostitutes, I would have never thought about any politicians at all. But even when you have trouble keeping your eyes open, that catches your prurient interest, if not your political interest. I guess I am going to have to stop using the name “George Fox” when I make my future dates at the Emperors Club. I used it for reservations out in Arizona (when I remembered to make them) and it always got a laugh.


I know from personal experience that this vacation afterglow will  not last for very long. Mores the pity. I used to think that all of this talk about taking time off to recharge your battery was a bunch of hooey. But I was wrong. Everybody needs to unwind. Actually, everyone needs to stay as unwound for as long as they can. I will start rewinding again here in a minute. Just let me close my eyes a bit longer. By the way, what time is it ?


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