Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's so funny ?

I seem to have lost my sense of humor. Nothing seems all that funny to me anymore, which certainly makes for a longer day. Is it possible to lose a sense of humor through some disease or syndrome (and by the way, what makes a syndrome a syndrome?). Well low and behold, one of the first symptoms of a lack of niacin is the loss of your sense of humor. That does not mean I have a niacin problem, but it is a logical first place to start my investigation. I would start too, if I knew what niacin was (vitamin b3). I checked to see what foods I could consume to get more niacin in my diet. Turns out that I may be in need of brewer’s yeast which, I assume can be most commonly found in beer. Well who knew that beer could improve your sense of humor ? And the more beer you drink, the higher your niacin intake and the better sense of humor you will have. Upon reflection, It has come to my attention over the years that people will laugh a lot more often after seven or eight beers, so there may be something to all of this.


Suppose, however, I decide not to imbibe on this beer cure, what happens to one when they run out of niacin, besides loss of a sense of humor ? Well it is characterized by what is known in medical circles as the “three Ds”, these are , diarrhea and dermatitis and dementia. Each one of the Ds is bad enough, getting them all together sounds like hell. I guarantee you that nothing would be funny at all if the three Ds hit you all at once. Then again, as you are madly scratching yourself on the toilet, wondering what you are doing there, a sense of humor may seem to be the least of your worries.


So I may as well take the stuff. Any side effects ? Well there is one dozy. It often causes dilation of blood vessels in the skin, resulting in skin flushing. In other words, it turns you into a Mr. Tomatohead. While walking around the office looking like you just took a warm bath in simmering marinara sauce might not do much to pick up your sense of humor, your co-workers might get a kick out of it. And you know what they say, “laughter is contagious”. I have never understood how laughter could be contagious ,while at the same time it is “the best medicine”. Wouldn’t those two old homilies work to counteract each other ? Who wants a beer ? It’s Miller time.


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