Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why the West will win

If I ever had any doubt about our ultimate triumph in the war on terrorism, it was removed today. Al Qaeda number two man Ayman al-Zawahirri has been working his way through 900 questions posed by outsiders to al Qaeda on the internet. One question, “Are there any women in al-Qaeda ? “ Was answered simply  “no”. Later on al (you can call me Al) Zawaharri pointed out that there is a kind of al-Qaeda Ladies auxiliary which, is his words, “does a wonderful job in taking care of the houses and sons.” Apparently Sunni daughters require no care, or are just ignored. But at least the house is clean.


I think that it was Bobby Seale (I’ll check this) who was asked in the 1960s “what was the position of women in the Black Panthers ?” Seale replied “prone”. Right. Forty years later Oprah Winfrey is running the country. Any individual or group which believes that success can come without female leadership must be living in a cave. Oh yeah, that’s where Al lives. And believe me, if there is no female leadership , I can predict that there are dirty dishes in that cave kitchen, men’s shoes in the cave living room and the grass, if they have any over there, is uncut. No, most women don’t do those jobs, but they would remain undone without women. If not for my wife, I would always have three pairs of shoes sitting on the den floor. If not for my wife, most of the light bulbs in the house would be out while I “considered” getting around to replacing them, if not for my wife, the electricity would have been shut off months ago because no one would have ever gotten around to paying the electric company. There is not a man on this earth who is detail oriented enough to remember when it’s time for the car to have a 30,000 mile check up. Despite the fact that every day he stares at an odometer recording 30,000 miles. And getting the yearly car safety sticker, or remembering to make a dental appointment twice a year ? Forget it. I’d like to have a look at Big Al Zawaharri’s teeth, that’s what I’d like to do. And I bet his gums are no great shakes either. It is a damn good thing that Sunni Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas, or the cave lights would still be up in April.


This is neither the time, nor the place (well, O.K. maybe it is the place) to go into my theory on women being the superior sex. I’ll give you the benefit of my views on that some other time. For now, just take it on faith, they are. Once arm strength was no longer the criteria for leadership, men began to fall out of those roles. Every year there are more women leaders in government and business and fewer men. Every year the % of women in college increases over men. Oh, there are still a few places for men. Al Qaeda comes to mind. That’s what men have come to, leading organizations like al Qaeda, which specializes in suicide bombings (all males mind you). Let’s see, what is the logical outcome to an organization that sends all of its members on suicide missions ?  The reason that there are only four Shakers left in the Shaker denomination was because they were celibate. That’s not the best way to grow a religion, hard to recruit, impossible to propagate. I suspect that al Qaeda would have faced similar issues had they not been destined to collapse from the ennui caused by living in a cave with no lights, toilets with the seats up and shoes strewn across the living room floor. That will get to them eventually. The triumph of the West is assured.


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