Tuesday, June 03, 2008

All over except the shouting

Sometime tonight or tomorrow, Senator Obama will become the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, something he has actually been for a couple of months now. Because of the extraordinarily poor way that Bill Clinton has campaigned for his wife this year, and a sleazy article in Vanity Fait that came out this week, there will be no Obama/Clinton ticket (unless Obama has a suicide penchant that we don’t know about). The long war of attrition among the Democrats has raised the  hopes of people who should logically have no reason for hope (audacious or otherwise) the Republicans. I hear people, whom I respect ,telling me that Obama cannot win. I disagree, and still believe that when all is said and done  he will, but there is certainly no reason for you  to be believe that  I am right about that.


Still, it is terrible how people decide who they are going to vote for. There may be enough Reagan Democrats that will never forgive Obama for having a minister that can’t disagree with America agreeably, or a wife who says that she is only now proud of America for the first time, to cost the Senator  the election. Things looked O.K. for John Kerry until the Swift Boat vets got a hold of him. He never recovered from that stumble. There are themes in American Politics that you can’t overcome. You can’t be too rich, you can’t appear too clever (as opposed to smart) and you can’t ever say that our country (government) is really responsible for a lot of the bullshit its citizens and citizens of the world have had to put up with since World War II. Because our country, unlike every other country in the world, never has bad motives for anything we do. I don’t know how grown men and women can stand up and repeat that great national lie, but they do, every four years. And any slip up destroys you. Why can’t we be content to say, “We think that we are the greatest country in the world, and we are going to really try to live out the ideals we profess, but now and then, we screw up” ?


We have just spent almost eight years wasting virtually every advantage, economic and moral, that we had on September 11, 2001. I defy you to show me one country which has ever fallen so far, so fast, and not had occupying troops within its borders. We spent 7 years of precious time with two paid lobbyists of the oil industry holding the jobs of President and Vice President of the United States. Well folks, we got what we deserved ( $4.00 gas) and their backers  got what they paid for (record profits). We have spent more than five years at war with a country that never attacked  us and never threatened to attack us. All for a stable middle east (and cheap oil). How’s that one working out for you ? We must have been out of our collective minds to twice turn our children’s future over to those greedy little hustlers that have been running this country into the ground . Let me ask you the question you are going to be asked this fall. Are you better off today than you were 8 years ago ? More importantly, is the world better off today than it was 8 years ago ?


Yes, I am going to vote for Obama. It can’t get any worse.


Blogger Paul D. Frazier said...

You nailed it on every point.

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