Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gorillas in our midst

Out of Africa this morning comes the wonderful news that the Wildlife Conservation Society has found 125,000 Gorillas in the Republic of Congo. Left unreported was how 125,000 Gorillas had escaped our notice for all these years. That is almost exactly like discovering Waco, Texas one day and saying that the U.S. has found 125,000 new citizens, all of which weigh between 315-450 pounds, sleep on the ground and walk around dragging their knuckles. To be fair, there were probably no Burger Kings or “Visit the DR. Pepper Museum” signs on the outskirts of the new Gorilla enclave.


So we primates have 125,000 new beings to add to our order. I guess that means that it will take a few more years to kill off the gorilla. I had thought that I might live to see their extinction, but it appears that they will survive me. All who know me will realize how happy this makes me. I am quite fond of the Primate order, believing us to be the most interesting of all orders in the animal kingdom. Gorillas share about 98% of our DNA and can be taught sign language so as to communicate with us. Why they would want to is anybody’s guess. Once they learn sign language their first question must be, “Why do you keep shooting us ?”.


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