Monday, September 29, 2008

Grim Reality

I got back from California in time to see the United States House of Representatives do their level best to assure my work life will be another 20 years. One day you are sipping tea and eating scones in a lovely hotel dining room and the next day you are Uncle Billy from “It’s a Wonderful Life” realizing that you mislaid the Building & Loan’s deposit and that your life has changed forever.


Well, actually it’s not that bad. All we ever had (we being selfish baby boomers) was an expectation of a rich and rewarding retirement. No one has taken anything tangible away from us, only our dreams which , by the way, by world standards were bloated, selfish, piggy dreams anyway. As my partner Allensworth would say, this is a nice little practical joke on the 401k generation. All of us making our prudent investments and taking our tax credits every year and looking at the accumulations. Then there were the prudent decisions made in home purchases where values rose like skyrockets looking toward that inevitable day of our cash out. From there we drifted off to some allegorical beach to spend our golden years drinking wine and  tipping the illegals who set up our lounge chairs at the condo pool.


Vanity, Vanity, all was vanity, not to mention loathfully self absorbent, totally irresponsible and in the end, utterly unrealistic. Ah the baby boomers, those who worked so hard only to be taken down by those we convinced needed an expensive house to be part of the American dream. It seems like only last week we were laughing and making merry. “Where be your gibes now ? Your gambols ? Your songs ? Your flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar ? “  I see the blurred and bleeding  black and white flickering image of the bootleg gangster staring up at the camera in disbelief from his final prone position, “Is this the end of Rocco ?”


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