Friday, September 19, 2008

Where will all the blogs go ?

The biggest news of the recent financial crisis broke last night, but I am heartily sick of writing about it. Likewise, I think I will puke if I write another blog about Sarah Palin and the latest national election to be dubbed “the most critical election in our lifetime”. This is a hell of a country where every four years things are so much worse that the new election supersedes the last one as “the most critical election in our lifetime.” Couldn’t we, just once, have an election where people could say, “vote any way you want folks, this is the least critical election of our lifetime, it won’t matter a shit who wins” ?


Since for all I know, the country will soon plunge into a depression circa 1929, I probably owe it to posterity to continue to chronicle capitalism’s demise. But suppose this all gets straightened out ? Then what have I got ? If I have access to this blog in my dotage, I will look back and wonder why every story in the fall of 2008 was about some economic issue that is not only long forgotten, but downright boring. Which raises an interesting question, where will all of these blogs go ? Will they exist in cyber space forever, or fade away as the years go by and technology changes ?


Despite all of the hoopla in the national news, there are other stories which deserve to be remembered. For instance, former ball player and actor Joseph Petcka (Brawny Paper Towel commercials and Sex in the City) goes on trial in New York today for the murder of his girlfriend’s cat, Norman. Actually, when it’s a cat, they call it aggravated cruelty to  animals and not murder, either way, Norman is down to his last eight lives.


According to the prosecution, and there were no eye witnesses to the slaying, Petcka killed Norman in a violent drunken rage because his girl friend, Lisa Atobelli, “loved Norman more than him.”Atobelli was not an eyewitness to the alleged murder because Petcka had awakened her in the middle of the night by kneeing her in the ribs.Atobelli did the logical thing and left the apartment which, unfortunately for Norman, left him as the scapecat.


Defense lawyer Charles Hochbaum has called Norman’s death a “tragic accident” and “unintentional”. Apparently, according (I guess) to the kitty coroner’s report, Norman “accidentally”died from receiving “broken teeth, a broken leg,A TORN  TOUGNE, massive internal injuries, bruised lungs, a bruised liver and a chest cavity filled with blood.” How the poor cat accidentally had his tongue torn out is going to be a hard sell, even to a New York jury, but for all I know this Hochbaum is the Perry Mason of feline massacres. There is also, believe it or not, a self defense possibility as Petcka had informed Atobelli, post knee in the ribs, that Norman had “attacked him”. The picture of Norman, a cute yellow cat, seem to belie this accusation, but you can’t judge a cat by his whiskers. My understanding is that Morris the cat, who Nathan greatly resembled, was one mean and destructive kitty when off camera.


I expect that by this time tomorrow, Mr. Petcka will be receiving a two year sentence for his crime. That’s the maximum punishment  that catacide carries under New York law. I don’t know what the hardened criminals Petcka will meet in Sing-Sing think about cat abusers, but I suspect that pretty boy Petcka had better get himself a “daddy” right away in prison if he wants to keep his own tongue.


“Mills” may be off for a few days. The next installment will probably be from sunny California. May be the news is better out there.


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