Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does it feel like Wednesday ?

Kramer : It doesn’t feel like Tuesday


Newman: Tuesday doesn’t have a feel, Friday has a feel, Monday has a feel



One of the odd things about human beings is the way we react to  similar  stimuli.

Take the above dialogue for instance. Newman is right, certain days of the week have a feel. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I am told by younger people that Thursday has a feel to them because they start the weekend drinking   that evening. It has no feel to me. So if we suppose that Thursday night has a feel, that leaves only Tuesday and Wednesday without feels. People have been working on giving Wednesday a feel for a number of years. “Happy Hump Day” is something that you hear about as we go “over the hump” sliding downhill toward the weekend. But I never got a feel from that, and I don’t know anyone else who did either.


Actually, these “feels” are all part of the very same phenomena, they just manifest themselves differently based on the psychological reaction to how close we are ,or how far we are, from having to go  to work. I am told that Sunday night is the most common time for a suicide, which, of course, makes sense, unless you really hate church. I actually “feel” better on Friday because the anticipation of getting to sleep later on Saturday and watch “The Soup” at 9:00 a.m. is always better than the real thing. These days can lose their feel when you go on vacation. After a few days, all the feelings are the same. This is exactly what Adam and Eve felt in paradise and what they lost once YWH chose to introduce the Sabbath. Things got worse when he came up with that “sweat of your brow” thing as the couple left Eden, where everyday had been sleep late  Saturday. So really, this feeling for days stretches back to the beginning of mankind.


Now one of the reasons that Fitzgerald knew that the rich were “different than you and me” is because they have no feel for the days of the week. That’s good and bad. The feels of the day operate because of hope (or perhaps the theory that you beat yourself over the head because it feels so good when you stop). But presuming that it is hope that we are working with, you don’t need hope if every day is Saturday to you. That’s why rich people get bored. It is also why you are always ready to come home from a vacation, unless it is in San Diego. You miss the excitement of getting the boulder all the way up the hill, and unlike Sisyphus , knowing that you get to sit up on that hill and rest a couple for days before starting again.


I do have to admit that there are things which  people feel that they assume that everyone feels. They are often shocked to find out that they are wrong. If you are nearsighted, your first pair of glasses shows you how much darker the chalk seems on the blackboard at school. Not everyone saw those fading words. Darrel Royal, upon his retirement from a stressful position as a football coach, commented that he honestly believed that everyone gagged badly  when they brushed their teeth in the morning. I personally was shocked to find that most people did not agree with my simple statement that the water you drink out of the tap in your bathroom tastes different than the water you drink out of the tap in your kitchen. I thought that everyone felt that way because there was no doubt in my mind that it was (and is) true.


But variety of feeling is what we would expect, we are all different. It is the things that feel the same to all of us that are surprising. I once took a test which presented four urinals in a men’s restroom. Each page had different people standing at different urinals with some, or in one case all, unoccupied. The test question was; being presented with this urinal configuration, which one would you use ? Upon picking each  urinal I was shocked to look at the answer sheet and find that the test devisers had predicted the exact urinal which I would pick. How in the world can every male make exactly the same decision ? It can’t be something we inherit, or can it ? Whatever it is, it is amazing. Happy Hump Day !


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I'm wrong so often it doesn't surprise me now.

This Wednesday now at 9:55 a.m feels more like a Tuesday at 2:45 p.m. Go figure.

Sorry, wrong plumbing for urinals here.

9:56 AM  

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