Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bringing Back Macaroni

There has been a child of Joseph P. Kennedy in the White House or in Congress for over sixty years. The Kennedy family is pulling out all of the stops to make sure that legacy continues for at least another twenty or thirty years by getting Caroline Kennedy a Senate seat in New York. I first became aware of Caroline Kennedy when she was about three years old and her dad was running for President. She and her baby brother “John John” were the last preschool children to live in the White House. I was in second grade when Caroline and her pony Macaroni  moved to Washington with the rest of the Camelot crowd. I was interested in her life as any other child would have been. It is too bad that she  got to stay in the White House for less than three years. Her dad’s death was a tragedy and she has had to watch her Uncle Bob be killed, her mother die and her brother go down in a plane crash. It has been a very  tough life even for a rich girl.


Having said all of that, I would just as soon the country be spared Caroline. There is a nasty tendency in this country to promote people on the basis of their names and not their abilities. Please note that I am not saying Caroline is not able, I have no idea. I am just sick of the same old names. Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, there is a political aristocracy in this country which is very unhealthy for a democracy. We need look no further than the example of George W. Bush, one of the five worst Presidents the country has ever produced. Anyone who does not understand that he was handed the Republican nomination on the basis of his name obviously never snorted cocaine with him at parties in Midland, Texas. There was nothing in the resume of George W. Bush that gave the least indication that he was capable of handling the job of President of the United States. Nothing. He has been a boorish lout for eight years, and his last day cannot come soon enough for me. His inability to deal in an even handed manner with the Middle East is a direct cause of the current Israeli invasion of Palestine. It is fitting that his last days in office resulted in yet another International disaster.


In fairness, Caroline Kennedy is probably no George W. Bush, no one could be. But I just think that it is time to stop passing these jobs on based on heredity. People went crazy over the selling of the Senate seat in Illinois. I don’t see any difference in naming someone Senator based on the fact that her family has hung around Washington for a long time. If Caroline really wants to be a Senator, she should have run for it, not waited until it was handed to her. Of course the one with the most to lose from all of this is Attorney General Cuomo, another son of a famous politician. It is going to be hard for him to complain too loudly. But at least he has run in elections. As Sam Rayburn once said after Robert Kennedy was appointed Attorney General by his brother, “I’d feel a lot better about him if just once he’d run for Sheriff some place.” We will see how Caroline plays in Buffalo and Troy and Syracuse, I assume that all the Manhattan liberals are fine with her appointment, but it looks to me like she’s a shoe in for the job. Mores’ the pity.


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What's the word for that? Shoot, I know that word.

I'll remember it as soon as I post this.

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I like the Macaroni Grille. If ever they closed it, that's one Macaroni I'd want brung back.

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