Monday, February 09, 2009

God Blogs in Mysterious Ways

The recent comments I have been making regarding the eternal have sparked thoughts from other (“Man is born to trouble as sparks fly up.” , Book of Job). Not only did my wife’s friend Rev. Paul, who actually knows what he is talking about, respond, but my old friend Marfin was moved to write a religious essay of his own called “Why God Ticks Me Off”. I will put this up on the blog as soon as I can figure out how to do it. Herein, I will comment on it. My correspondent Paul had a few things to say about it also and I will soon display those, although for those reading, be for warned that Paul’s comments tend to be somewhat insightful, if that is not your cup of tea, you can stick to Marfin, or me, there is not an insight between us.


I don’t recall if I have mentioned that Marfin, Paul and I all went to the same Jr. High School, as did my wife. I did not know Rayda or Paul, but knew Marfin a little bit and got to know him better in high school and college. Many people I went to college with remember Marfin as one of my roommates. This may have been true in the technical sense. He ate, slept, drank and smoked dope at the apartment where I lived, so he did have those indicia of “roommate”. But he never paid any rent, which many people think is the real key to the roommate definition.


At any rate, Marfin is a lapsed (unless he has relapsed) Roman Catholic. He started out in academia  as somewhat of a Political Theorist, but switched to the policy side when he found out that the Oil and Gas Industry paid more than the Platonians. He went to a Big Eastern University for Grad School and taught at prestigious colleges until his desire to eat overcame his desire for prestige. Despite having never taken even so much as a math class, past Logic  I (and that was in the Philosophy Department), Marfin has risen to be an assistant Dean of a major Engineering School which, as is our policy, shall go without mention in an attempt to further the fraud he has used to gain employment there. I don’t so much care about his security, but am quite fond of his wife and son (soon to be a lawyer).


Marfin’s argument in this present epistle, moves beyond the ancient question of “How can an omnipotent  benevolent God exist in the same world as evil ?” In other words, he skips the “why” question and goes right to the “Why the hell… ?” question.  Since no one can answer that first question question, Marfin assumes that bad things happen for a reason and proceeds to set out four option as to why they happen. The thesis of his work is that God, no matter how the evil is caused, must be responsible for it. In other words, he is interested in the “accountability” of God for any given evil. In his essay he posits four options regarding this accountability. One is a restatement of Dualism, one is a restatement if deism, one is a restatement of Woody Allenism (“God is not dead, he is just an under achiever”) and one, for a lack of  better categorization, shall  be referred to as the “shit happens” argument. This last argument, at first glance, appears to beg the question, until he explains that mankind should not just shrug off the “shit” that happens, but celebrate it, with T-shits if I understand him correctly.


At any rate, once Marfin’s essay is fairly published herein (without his permission, as is our policy) and the remarks made upon it by Rev. Paul are displayed, we will be calling a temporary halt to my blogs regarding  God and go back to explaining more simple concepts, such as string theory. This is not done out of any sense of boredom on my part, but foreboding. Having always lived my life according to Pascal’s wager, I realize that commenting on religious matters could put me in serious jeopardy , from the Lake of Fire perspective. That’s one perspective that I really want to avoid.


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