Wednesday, February 04, 2009

“Victory has a hundred fathers, defeat is an orphan.” John F. Kennedy


“ I screwed up.”  Barack Obama



So the President of the United States admitted he screwed up by appointing tax cheat Tom Daschle to his cabinet. Too bad, of course he still needs 4,000 deaths on his hands  before he tops the last President’s screw up. One which was never admitted. The admission by Obama was the most forthright given by an American President since JFK took the full blame for the Bay of Pigs invasion (commonly called a “fiasco”, a fiasco is apparently a cut above a mistake on the screw up scale).


Well, it’s nice for the President to take the blame, while former Majority Leader Tom Daschle slinks back to South Dakota or to whatever lobby shop on K Street will have him, now that he is damaged goods. The arrogance of a former United States Senator, to say that a clerical error prevented him from reporting $80,000 in income is astounding, but what is really irritating is his use of a chauffeur for extended periods of time, perhaps years, which was lent to him “by a friend”. Tom Daschle knew that that was income, or he is the dumbest man ever to serve in the United States Senate. Actually, both of those statements may be true. It is reprehensible to cheat on your income taxes by hiding income, but, in a democracy, nothing is more obnoxious to us  of the working class, perhaps soon to be revolutionary class,than to see the laws broken by a guy so that he can be chauffeured around to try to show everyone what a big shot he is. This is the exact kind of thing that brought down Louis xvi , the kind of thing that introduced Madam Guillotine to the French aristocracy. This is the kind of America, to steal from Churchill, up with which we should not put. I can just see Lord Daschle in pre-revolutionary France with his coach and matched horses, footmen and driver, running over peasant children in the streets of Paris so that he can get to dinner with the King on time. Right out of Tale of Two Cities. What Charles Dickens could have done with this.


The more we go down in this country, the more we find corruption at the highest levels of business and government. We were bought off for years with soaring markets, phony money and cheap credit, but the chickens have now come home to roost, or more probably, be roasted. It is time to reopen the Bastille for people like Daschle. No more of these country club white collar prisons. I say throw him into a cold stone room and shackle him to the walls. Feed him gruel when he gets to eat at all. It is going to take years, more probably decades to clean all of this up, but we should at least start with a chaufferless society.


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Even more proof God is the one who should get the praise (and the love,) not politicians.

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