Friday, February 27, 2009

Political Anger

In the line of work I am in, I have a lot of conservative friends. Very conservative. The kind that are already circulating hate mail about the current administration. Most of the things I get are alleged “testimonials” from some hard working American whose pocket is being picked by the bail out plans. I got one today from some guy (these are all urban  myths) who says that he survived on Ramen Noodles for three years while he built up a thriving business which is now being taxed away from him. I know that this story is made up because I recognize the lines about single moms having their fourth child and collecting welfare. I have been seeing that crap for years and what it generally shows is someone is not informed about how welfare works in this country since its reform under the Clinton administration. Old myths, especially when they are based in racism, die hard.


Let me be fair. The liberals are not much better. There is, what appears to me to be, a plan on the part of the administration and Democratic members of Congress to turn people against the rich merely because they are rich. I don’t mean by taxing them. That’s a legitimate political strategy. If you don’t like it, win the next election. I mean by lumping together everyone in the country who in the Presidents words “makes over a quarter of a million dollars a year” as being outside the realm of  the respectable humanity which we care about. Every time I saw Nancy Pelosi at the speakers rostrum the other night I cringed. Not because I dislike Nancy Pelosi, the jury is still out on  that, but because I don’t understand why when my party takes control, they look around and pick the person from the most liberal congressional district in the entire United States to run the House of Representatives. Why do we always have to rub each other’s nose in things ? The typical Republican reaction is that they will just withhold all support.


At its very core, this nation is governed by children. No mature adults would act ,for one second, the way  Congress acts 24 hours a day. Even children who act like they do get put into timeout. There are many ways to deal with the problem. In good times we ignore it, in bad times we fight over it and act like our side is the only side with wisdom and maturity while we spit on millionaires or welfare mothers, depending on your particular taste. I’m sick of the whole thing. Sometimes the only honorable thing to do is what Pontius Pilate was so reviled for, just wash your hands.


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