Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Pain of Recession

CNN is running an interactive story about people who are having to pawn off their precious items in this economic downturn. They are urging readers to send pictures of their heirlooms, or former heirlooms and tell their story. How uplifting. I looked at a couple and got the general idea. The general idea is that CNN thinks that they can get more hits on their web site if they can get people to suffer online, person to person. Why have someone report on personal tragedy when you can get the tragedy stricken persons themselves to write the story, and send pictures ?

I suppose when the Bird Flu Pandemic hits ,CNN will encourage readers to send in pictures of dead family members and tell their stories of the plague.


I don’t have anything that I can sell in a recession. I have a large number of fifty year old baseball cards that have a value on paper, but I have always maintained that baseball cards, unlike gold, are not something that will translate into cash in an economic downturn. They only have value when times are good and people are spending money on frivolities. Things like baseball cards and comic books are frivolities. They were when I purchased them 50 years ago and age has not changed them. While not frivolities, you are going to see a dramatic crash in the price of great art, actually, all art. Most artists don’t sell well after the Dow has been cut in half. The biggest frivolity of all, throwing your money down the bottomless hole in in Las Vegas, which  is turning out not to be recession proof,is a good example of what peopleare giving up. I have not checked on lotteries and scratch off games. Those may well hold up. They are inexpensive ways to dream, and people dream a lot while waiting in breadlines.


The biggest frivolity I have is the half of the square footage in my house which I do not use. Our handy man has returned from South Carolina and so is lodging in our garage apartment (for free) but when he clears out, maybe I can start renting out the extra space. Rayda and I could  move into the garage apartment and rent out the bedrooms in the house. The other areas could be common rooms. I could probably pay the mortgage with a scheme like that and maybe meet some interesting people. People are coming to the realization that large houses really do not make any sense, but maybe you can use them to make money. I really think that the concept of the old fashion rooming house is coming back. Think of all the great movies that took place in a rooming house. My friend Bennett and I were just talking about “Stage Door” last night. What a great bunch of gals roomed in that house. Katherine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, Ginger Rogers. It was one big party. Rayda may  not want to rent exclusively to beautiful young actresses, but we can probably work something out. Think of all the blog material. I have always wanted to be a sort of father/ confessor to a large group of young women. I have practiced with my own daughter for almost 19 years and think that I am ready for new assignments. We can all grow during this down turn. We need to keep that in mind, money is not the only reward in life.


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

We're getting $800 a month for the tree house!

And I think I heard the Bellagio group is going under? If they can't make it work, who can?

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