Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Politics as Usual

The great thing about getting the 2008 election out of the way is that I can get back to writing about more interesting topics, specifically, which of our fifty state Governors has been most recently caught having an affair. You may recall not so long ago that the New Jersey Gov. had to resign over a homosexual affair. Then the New York Governor opted for the more traditional hanky panky route by paying an escort for trysts in Washington D.C. When the new governor of New York was sworn in, he immediately announced that he had been sleeping with a woman ,not his wife ,at a Days Inn motel ,which he was kind enough to identify. Yesterday, the first Lady of Nevada said that her husband has been sleeping around with a former Playboy Playmate and another woman who is a state employee. These accusations showed up in her divorce filings. I am given to understand that the Governor has moved out of the main house of the Governor’s Mansion and moved into a one bedroom apartment on the premises. Some of you may recall when Mayor Giuliani of New York had to move out of Gracy Mansion when his wife got upset with him over similar incidents. The Mayor then outraged new York conservatives by moving into a home where some good friends of his, who happened to be a gay couple, lived.


Well they may have the goods on old Governor Jim Gibbons. Nevada newspapers have pictures of him “making out” with the former playmate in a parking lot, attending a rodeo with her and, worst of all, eating at an IHOP with her. This last picture shows not only the Governor’s lack of good sense, but lack of good taste, unless he was there for the Senior Special (55 and over) which is a pretty good deal. Now none of this is as bad as the Illinois Governor (since impeached and indicted) trying to sell a Senate seat to the highest bidder, but it certainly says something about the state of our states when the most stable Governors in the land appear to be Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger of California and Sarah “the Barracuda” Palin of Alaska. Our current Governor here in Texas has never been the subject of anything more than a prevalent rumor a couple of years ago that his wife caught him in bed with another man. A previous Governor was hotly rumored to have been into  cocaine snorting before she became Governor, but nothing was ever proven beyond the fact that she would not answer the direct question as to whether she had had a drug problem other than her admitted alcoholism. A former Governor of Arkansas whom we all remember and love, had  so many accusations of sexual affairs that he created a “bimbo eruption squad” to deal with the various accusations. .Rumors don’t count, beyond that, they are not necessary when we can focus on provable scandals in most states of the union.


So I guess when you are the Governor, what happens in Vegas (or Reno or Carson City) does not stay there. It makes you wonder just how reckless these guys were before they became Governors and had the news media chasing them around trying to uncover stuff like this. Maybe it’s the excitement of trying not to get caught. Maybe it’s the pancakes at IHOP. Whatever it is, thank God for it. I mean, which would you rather read about if you lived in Vegas, another boring story of how housing prices have fallen more than 35% there, or that your Governor thinks that he is Hugh Hefner ? Everyone needs to start there day off with a chuckle or a good “tut, tut”. Do people still get tutted ? They should. This promises to be an interesting divorce.


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"the most stable Governors in the land appear to be Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger of California and Sarah “the Barracuda” Palin of Alaska."

Never been any doubt of that in this right-leaning gal's mind!


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