Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saving Your Skin

My mother called me at work yesterday to let me know that she felt that I was not getting enough magnesium. I will admit that I had not thought about the magnesium content of my body that day or actually, ever. To placate her and to keep out of arguments I am going to start eating some almonds so that I can honestly report my efforts. Magnesium makes up 0.05 % of the human body. Maybe I can get it up to 0.06 % without magnesium overload. Anything for mom.


There are a lot of  other elements in the human body, potassium, zinc, sulfur, chlorine, iron and a number of others. I don’t give them much thought either. Then after my mom called, the news ran a story about 130 people losing their sense of smell and taste from swabbing or spraying zinc up their nose in an attempt to fight off colds. That one did get my attention, I eat those little candy, zinc laden things anytime I feel a cold coming on. I don’t think that they have shown any issue with those, but I would not have been adverse to a zinc spray if I thought it would help. Now I know better. It is a rough enough life for those of us who can smell and taste, losing forty % of your senses would  make it that much rougher. There is a reason that they add smell to the natural gas which comes into your home. It is so that when you smell it, you call the gas company and do not start burning candles in that room. If you do that, you lose the other three senses in pretty short order.


Every year some scientist will release the total value of the human body (if broken down and sold). This value is actually very understated because it does not take into account such things as selling your blood, your eggs if you are a woman (thousands),your sperm if you are a man (anywhere from $50-$200 ), or the big jackpot, a black market kidney  ($3,00 street value, up to $85,000 retail in the Philippines). In any event, the sum total of the human body’s chemical worth (subject to variance in the commodities market) was close to a buck. In the last few years the value of the body has skyrocketed to $4.50 because the Japanese have found a better way to extract skin. You have about $3.50 worth of that. It won’t be long before we can get a human being’s worth up to $5.00 (barring a collapse in the price of iron).


I am not sure if sun damaged skin is worth less than skin carefully protected from ultra violet rays,  but  I would think so,. Just another reason to use sun screen, although over the course of your life you’d have to pay more than $3.50 for sun screen, so I guess it is not a business model that is going to get you rich. Plus, you really can’t live without your skin and it is hard to sell it a few pieces at a time. What you are basically doing is creating an inheritance of $3.50 for your heirs. I’ll give my daughter the shirt off my back, but I’d just as soon keep the skin on my back for now.


I guess another thing that people sell is hair. I don’t know what the going rate for hair is now. Again, it might depend on not only the quantity but the color or quantity. I’m not going to get much of an offer for my gray. In the 1960s there was a rumor that Revlon would pay up to $10 for your fingernails. That turned out to be false, although a number of people grew very  long nails in reliance on a pay day ($10 went a lot further in those days).I don’t know of any value for nails either finger or toe, at the present time.


All in all, it is easier to make money with your body than by selling it off. In fact, the only really good value out of a sale of people parts  is for selling the soul. That happens all the time.  Of course,  that may have consequences of its own.





Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Gross on the fingernail thing from Revlon.

But my burning question... if you burn up because of a house gas explosion and die, do you retain your 6th sense?

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