Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moment of Zen For Abbott and Costello

Leaving Airport Rental Car agency  in Denver. The first ten minutes of the vacation weekend


Wade: Ok, where am I going ?


Rayda: Look for a sign that says to 22


Wade: 222 (two twenty two) ?


Rayda: Right, to 22


Wade: I don’t see any.


Rayda: Wait, look over there ! 22


Wade: No, that’s not a sign that says 222, that’s highway  22


Rayda: Right, it points  to 22


Wade: But it’s not 222


Rayda: You don’t need to find  a sign that says to 22 if it already says   22.  Why do you need  a sign  to say to 22, you are already there ! ?


Wade: because you said to look for a sign that said  222


Rayda: no, I said look for a sign that said  to 22


Wade: and that does not say 222, just 22. Wait a minute, are you saying a sign that tells us to go to 22 and not a sign that says highway 222 ?


Rayda: You are exasperating.


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

That reminds me of a mix-up while driving in a very busy strange city.

Left here?


Well, the right ended up taking 20 minutes to back-track when the left was actually the way to go.

Next time Correct! or Yes! may be the better response if left is right.

12:51 PM  

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