Monday, September 14, 2009


Last year at this time, the good people at Hertz made a mistake and gave me a Cadillac. This was before G.M. went into bankruptcy and the Cadillac mark still had some value. I walked over to my stall at the Hertz garage in the San Diego airport Friday and found that I had been given an Altima, which seemed nice to me.That was before I got into the car and could not find the slot for the key, and before my wife told me that we had been rented a Hybrid. Did you know that these Hybrids use push buttons instead of keys ? Did you know that there is nothing on the dashboard which tells you how the button works ? Did you know that when you push the button, the engine turns on but you can't hear it which means that you keep pushing the button again and again, like you are waiting for an elevator ? Well I did not.Did you know that if you scream loud enough about trading in "this piece of shit hybrid for a real car" that your wife (or at least my wife) will get upset with you ? Some of you did know that.

The world is moving too fast. Why did it become necessary to turn this Hybrid into a keyless vehicle? Can't we just take things one step at a time when we are changing the way we have lived for the past 80 years ? If you have to push a button, couldn't they make the engine roar like a jet airplane when you push ? That way you know that you did something right. No amount of world fuel savings can possibly be worth my having to change a lifetime of familair automobile patterns.I don't know why they don't check with me before they do these things.


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I've never so much as sat in a hybrid.

I've hear how they are putting in a simulated motor sound, recordings if you will, under the hood of these so blind people will hear them coming.

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