Tuesday, September 01, 2009

this morning's paper

Commissioner: I had a chance to meet both your mother and father over the years and had a good deal of respect for them. Due to that fact, I am assuming that their offspring can act as the ambassador to reality over at the County Courthouse. Sarah, I never get involved with county matters (until they turn into lawsuits). However, the article in this morning’s paper involving our tax funds paying a quarter of a million dollars a year to two people that appear to have been bent on poisoning everything in their path, including hard working employees who just wanted to stay out of the way, is more than I can take.


Now I am a liberal and proud of it. I believe that government can be used as a force for good in our society. It is hard to make arguments like that, for instance for health care reform, when we are treated to  front page stories of waste, incompetence and (really worst of all) extreme pettiness on the part of high echelon county  employees. It does not help to see that we spent $12,000 on a fruitless mediation to try to straighten the two out. The $12,000 would have been better spent on electroshock treatments for the both of them, since I doubt that anything else in the psychiatric arsenal would have worked.


All I can request at this point is your vote in preventing either of these two from receiving any further emoluments from the people of Travis County. Their activity shames our government which, in turn, shames all of us.


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