Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Prize

I was shocked to learn this morning that President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Talk about a fast track. Jimmy Carter brokered the Camp David Peace agreement and did not get his for another thirty years. Teddy Roosevelt got his pretty quickly, but he had settled a war between Russia and Japan.Dr. King spent years leading a true revolution to overcome three hundred years of slavery and its vestiges. As far as I can tell, Obama has taken a couple of trips , (one to get turned down by the Olympic committee) and decided not to put up a nuclear shield in Eastern Europe. Most of the rest of the term he has watched and at times participated in the health care debate.


What this prize really is, is an award to the American people for finally getting rid of George Bush. It is a European  sigh of relief that the cowboy is gone, replaced by someone who listens as well as demands. The Nobel Committee should have been more forthright in what they were doing, but I guess that  the committee could not give the award to the Twenty Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Still, it could have been given to the American people and we could have had a national lottery to see which citizen collects the $1.4 million. I can’t say that I have done as much for world peace as the President, but really, at this point into his term, I am not that far behind.


With this surprising award I guess we should be on the lookout for other accolades for the President. A Pulitzer, the American League MVP, Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and “employee of the month” (executive branch) are probably all forthcoming. I am pretty sure that there will be a Tony presented to him along the way. An Oscar is too much to ask, since he never made a movie, but he is a shoe in for an Emmy for any number  of his T.V. performances over the past year.


Readers of this blog know that I like the President, I voted for him and support him in what he is trying to do. He has done a remarkable job in repairing the U.S. image in a very short time. But this is a bit much. How long did Mother Theresa have to wait ? and she will soon be a saint. I really think that the President ought to consider humbly not accepting the award. Maybe the committee could put it on hold for four or eight years to see how all of this turns out. There are going to be some pretty red faces in Oslo if this guy hauls off and nukes Iran next week, or even if he waits a couple of years for appearance sake.


Still, these things happen,Zolio Versailles had a good year for the Twins in 1965, but did not deserve his award and I will never figure out how Robert Preston won for Victor/Victoria.  I am still mad that Joe Niekro did not win the Cy Young in 1980 and I don’t even recall the bum who beat him out for it. Not that the President is a bum. I have not changed my opinion about him in any way, but let’s see a little peace break out which can be attributed to him before we go this far. He can start in Iraq and Afghanistan


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

And I just heard he has been named "Best New Blogger" over there at too!

Funny funny post, Wade! You are one of the wittiest guys on the net and make me guffaw with wild abandon.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

i winned the karrit eeting prize!

1:02 PM  
Blogger Marfin said...

Look, Wade, you are wrong about the President. There is no reason he cannot be nominated, and even win. In fact, if it were up to the Noble Committee, he could be in next year's "Pro-Bowl."

1:13 PM  

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