Monday, December 28, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

" Sure it's a big job, but I don't know of anyone who can do it better than I." Kennedy, John F., 1960

Having spent the last twenty five years or so reading Presidential biography, I am always happy to learn something that has not been uncovered by the various writers.Today a picture of John Kennedy on a boat with four womnen surfaced.It is allegedly from his Carribbean trip Kennedy made with George Smathers in 1956. That trip, unfortunatly, coincided with the still birth of the Kennedy's first child.The fact that JFK was frolicking on a boat, while is wife was in labor is something historians have known for many years.There has always been suspicion that women were on board the Kennedy boat. The interesting thing about the four women in the picture published today is that they are all naked.

Now I have my suspicions about this picture.The picture has been looked at and is claimed to be authentic and the picture of the man appears to be Kennedy. That does not mean that the picture is authentic or that the man is Kennedy,but it's a good story for today anyway.

If the picture had surfaced in 1956 and had not been purchased in a blackmail payoff, Kennedy would have never been elected. While times were different regarding sexual mores in 1956 than now, if a picture of Obama in a similair situation had surfaced in 2008, Obama would never have been elected. Things have not changed that much. The American people would still have been leery of anyone on a boat with four naked women taken at the time that the man's wife was in labor, as the French always say,we are too puritanical over here.Morality aside, we can all agree that that is type of activity is in bad taste, right ?

In my reading on virtually every American President, I have found one thing to be true. There is something to dislike about each and every one of them.Kennedy's reckless behavior and boorishness, although tolerated by his economic class in those years, was a realistic reason not to vote for the guy.He was, in many areas a consumate liar. He apparently had unprotected sex with a number of women even though he had a venereal disease.He lied about his Addison's disease and obviously lied to his wife with fair regularly.Yet people today still adore him and histrians rate his abbreviated Presidency quite high.

The truth of the matter is that Kennedy's behavior was no worse than most of the other President's. It just happened to be in the sexual department, which attracts more interest than other behavior.Each President had something about him, which if known under today's standards, would probably have keept him from being elected.This does not prove that we have had a bunch of bums for our Presidents. It just proves that we have had a bunch of hummans for our Presidents who manged to keep the lid on many of their problems while in office.Think how much the world would have changed if that boat picture had surfaced in 1960. The whole world might be different, there might not even be a world if the Cuban Missle Crisis had been mishandled ( that assumes that there would have even been a Cuban Missle Crisis).Many will believe that the world is much better off that the picture did not surface. Many will believe that we would have missed enormous problems if the picture had come to light. Many believe that the press would have never let the picture come to light or that old Joe would have paid off the photographer.No one knows. Just like no one can ever really know if the picture is real, or really of Jack. Maybe one of the girls will surface 53 years later.It would take a lot of pressure off of Tiger Woods.


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