Thursday, January 14, 2010

Contracting with The Devil, Listening to a Jack Ass

No matter how cataclysmic the event, or how high a degree of human suffering, the world can count on one thing. That thing is the Rev. Pat Robertson making it worse by blaming the victims.

I have written about this Jack Ass several times before and so won't repeat any of the other lunatic statements he made in the past. Today we will be focusing on just one. That one being his statement that the Haitian earthquake, one of the most devestating natural events in modern times, was caused by the fact that Haiti made "a pact with the Devil" over 200 years ago and, in exchange for independence, dedicated the Island to Satan.

Now to be fair, Robertson did not invent this fable. It has been around for a long time, much like the fable of Satan himself. The story is that on August 14,1791 at a place called Bois-Caiman near Cap-Haitien, several slave leaders who were about to revolt against French rule had a little gathering. There the leaders,lead by one Dutty Boukman, signed the contract with Old Scratch.To date, the contract has not been found among historic Haitian records, but perhaps it resides safely in the archieves of Hell.At any rate, the Haitian slaves won their battle of independence against the forces of Napolean and Satan got his island.Voo-doo (sic) fits in here somewhere but I certainly don't know enough about this deal to elucidate.My guess is that the story was told and perpetuated by slave owners in trying to explain why such "backward" people were able to defeat the forces of the greatest general in history and release themselves from bondage.
So now Haiti is devestated and Pat esentially says that it is inevitable because of this deal with the Devil.What a world that man lives in, a world where when something happens to people he does not like he can instantly tell you why God did it to them.It is also a world where once a mistake is made, it goes on forever,despite the power of forgiveness which is the ultimate tenet of the Church he works for and that of his boss Jesus Christ. Would that we all had the wisdom of Reverend Robertson.A lot of folks would not have invested in Haiti if they had known that the Devil pact was going to take this kind of toll.A lot of people would have left Haiti if they had known how badly their ancestors (who freed them from slavery) screwed up.Now that I think about it there are 600,000 Haitians in Florida alone, which I suppose now explains all these years of devestating hurricanes which managed to kill a lot of non Haitians as well. You (and apparently God) have got to break a few eggs to make mayonase).

So let us leave it there. Leave it for Pat to continue to say things to besmirch both my religion and my country. I am no less a sinner than Pat Robertson, I need forgiveness too. One thing is for sure though, I am not as narrow minded, stupid, warped, meanspirited and/ or senile as Pat. Of course that's no big deal, no one is.


Blogger Paul D. Frazier said...


And thank you for saying it.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Pretty radical things for him to say. Meanspirited indeed.


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