Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Daughter Flying

Well rats. It is the last day my daughter is working at my office before she goes back to College. It is always fun to have her here because she has to chauffer me to town and back home again. I could get usesd to that. Of course since she is not used to getting up so early, the first five minutes of the drive each morning are kind of rough. Especially if the weather is cold and the windshield frozen over. I get the hear her views of working for a living at that point. But she quickly calms down.

Another cool thing is that we get to eat lunch together. Lately we have been eating at a hot dog place (Franks)downtown. I would have never thought that Stacey would ave ended up such a hot dog connosieur,but she became one while eating sausages and german mustard on a trip she took to Berlin. That's an expensive way to learn something that should have been second nature to her, but we take what we can get in the parenting business.

One odd thing is that she develops a business like persona at the job.It helps me see why her teachers and friend's parents have always thought so much of her poise and articlateness (if that is a word).They see a diffrent person than the wife and I see. Turns out that she is graceful and charming, she just only lets on about this after she leaves the house.But because of this, I am always subject to great compliments from the people who meet her.There is some feeling that I may have had something to do with the way she turned out.I did too,by leaving the hard parenting to my wife who was good at that kind of thing.

I tried to convince her to give up her spring break trip to Maui which she has planned for a couple of years, in order to get her to work here in March.So far I have had no luck with this. Can't figure out why.Nor can I figure out why she prefers the academic life to that of a law firm runner who makes our trips to Costco and schleps mail around the office, but she does.She spends her evening hours studying for the GRE which is still well over a year away.I went over some vocabulary with her last night and was amazed at how many wrong definitions the GRE folks gave to words. How can the GRE claim any efficacy in student evaluation if they can't properly define "bonanza" ?

At any rate, it is fun having her here.Now I have to start driving again just as the nastiest days of the winter are to begin tomorrow.Hope she comes back for a hot dog a few times this semester.


Blogger Paul D. Frazier said...

Yes, our children present themselves differently to those outside their family.

And yes, your daughter is lovely, intelligent, poised, and articulate.

Some children are wonderful in spite of their parents.

However, I think that Stacey is the way she is because of who her parents are.

It wonderful when we can see that our children have become a blessing to the world.

Thank you.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

You must forgive my smiles at your description of our "nastiest days" in Texas winter, which would be gifts for a Canuck on any winter day.

Sounds like a very lovely girl.

Sail a child like a ship out on the sea.
Anchor her with love,
then set her free.
Hear the splashing of the spray
as she goes laughing on her way.
Sail a child to sea.

Sail a child and your heart around the world,
Your tiny shiny angel dancing girl.
Stand upon the windy shore
Where so many have stood before.
Sail her 'round the world.

(Part of one of my new songs which will be on my second cd.)

What gifts, these daughters of ours!


10:18 PM  
Blogger wade said...

I never realized how powerful this song is

11:01 PM  

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